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About this app

This app is free to use. I would be very happy if you could help me to make a much better application. Let me know if you have ideas otherwise you see bugs through the app.

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I recently bought a watch for my health. With this awesome technology at my fingertips I feel better for my body. I now understand a better way how my health work... not 100% sure, but I think so!

This instrument calculates everything. Calories, steps, walk distance, etc. I work all day long at the computer. And this watch reminds me at every 45 min to do exercise!

How many 45 minutes in a normal work day do you think they have? You are right 8-10! So with this I start to do some exercise.

After many days be reminded, "ohhh I need to do exercise! But what do I do now?". So it's how the ideas came to build a simple app to bring me some idea of training. So when I need to take a break (pause), I do sport! Pause'N Sport